My Opinion On These FOUR Online Learning Platforms

For the past few weeks, I have been taking online courses from several online learning platforms for both my training program and my educational experience. So far my experience with this new form of education done virtually has been convenient and pleasant. The four online learning platforms we’ll be discussing today all offer free courses readily available for anyone who wants to take them. Which online platforms will we discuss today? “Khan Academy”, “Udemy”, “edX” and “”.

Enhance Your English Vocabulary and Web Design Skills with These “Udemy” Courses!

“Udemy”. Another online learning platform on the internet that is dedicated to providing quality courses to its users both for free and for a fee. Today, I’ll be sharing two courses with you guys that I took on Udemy in this blog post. The first one is entitled: “Build a Powerful English Vocabulary” while the second is entitled: “Web Design for Web Developers: Build Beautiful Websites”. We’ll look at some details on these two courses and why YOU should consider undertaking them as well for yourself!

How YOU Can Support Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities and Mental Illnesses

Do you know a family member, friend, or co-worker who suffers from an intellectual disability or mental illness? Have you ever wondered if you could do something for them, support them maybe the way they need? Well if you have, then taking this short “Alison” course will be extremely beneficial for you. Taking care of or just supporting someone with an intellectual disability or mental illness can be quite a challenge for someone who doesn’t have that much knowledge when it comes to that type of thing, so learning about the person and what they’re suffering from is quite critical.

MS Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 – A Free Online and Professional “Alison” Course

The “Microsoft” company founded by “Bill Gates” has offered us a wide range of tools from “Microsoft Word” to “Microsoft Excel” that we have been using for over a decade now. One of those extremely useful tools is “Microsoft PowerPoint”. PowerPoint is by far one of the most useful tools that I frequently use. If you’ve never used or heard about Microsoft PowerPoint yet, PowerPoint is basically an “MS” tool that helps you make slideshow presentations conveniently and easily.

ISO 20000 ITSM – A Free Online and Professional “Alison” Course

“IT” or “Information Technology” is the comprehensive use of technology such as computers to create, retrieve, process, analyze and exchange digital data and information. Managing digital information is no easy task though, which is why there are systems in place such as the “ITSM” or “IT Service Management System” to make sure that the use and management of digital data and information are kept practical and organized.

Solar Energy – Solar Technology and Its Use Worldwide – A Free Alison Course

“Solar Energy”; a widely used term in today’s modern world, fossil fuels such as oil and coal are starting to run scarce, which drove the discovery and development of solar energy. In 2011, the “IEA” or “International Energy Agency” said that solar energy is affordable, sustainable, and will offer significant long-term benefits. The long-term benefits of solar energy will affect our planet and our lives decades in the future by reducing our depletion of Earth’s natural resources for energy.

Introduction to Communication Skills – A Free, Professional Alison Course

“” provides every individual the unique knowledge and skills they seek with a plethora of free certified courses ranging from Art all the way down to Zoology. One course, in particular, teaches its learners the art of communication. Communication skills are highly necessary and are critical in any individual’s life. Everyone needs to communicate, we need to communicate our emotions, our thoughts, our ideas, and our concerns.